Bank Cooling System Efficiency Upgrade

Case Study


This Dubai based bank aspired to improve the efficiency of their buildings and identified their data centre as a heavy energy usage area. The banks existing data centre was around eight years old and as such, was not optimised for efficiency or the latest cooling technologies.

The Project

Sudlows DMCC were appointed by the bank following a competitive tender after completing a number of audits on their existing data centre facilities. The project was required to give an attractive return on investment for the bank in less than three years while also providing a more stable environment for the IT equipment to facilitate high density (HD) cooling.

Sudlows DMCC created a CFD model of the existing data centre and carried out various scenarios to identify areas of improvement. By using CFD we could model how the data centre would behave after implementing cold aisle containment and upgrades to the cooling units control systems.

We could then optimise in a virtual environment and provide design on parameters for the new cold aisle and environmental set points to be used. By using this as a basis, a calculation could be made on the energy saving potential in both electrical and chilled water systems post installation to build a business case for the bank to carry out the upgrade.

The Conclusion

The cooling system upgrades and cold aisle containment will provide the bank with a much improved and stable environment for its IT operations, allowing higher density deployment whilst greatly improving their energy efficiency.

With the existing data centre being a live production environment for the bank, the CFD modelling proved critical in enabling the bank to understand the effects of the upgrade prior to the installation.


“This project has proved that large savings can be made by implementing containment and can be further enhanced with the right control strategy.

“As with any upgrade of a live space, special care and attention was given when making changes to the cooling system. Any changes can have a negative effect and cause problems if not fully considered and modelled in CFD.”
-John Rippingale, Associate Director at Sudlows DMCC




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