Retailer Data Centre Critical Upgrade

Case Study


Due to problems with this large retailer’s old data centre Sudlows DMCC were awarded a contract via a competitive tender to install a concurrently maintainable MEP infrastructure for a new facility.

The Project

The new data centre had to be on the same site as the existing facility and was to re-use some of the existing capacity equipment such as the UPS systems and generator.
A challenge was presented in the retailer’s current data centre being at capacity both from power and floor space. This facility needed to be kept live at all times and migrated to the new electrical infrastructure without any downtime.

The biggest challenge to overcome was the step by step approach of moving from the old infrastructure to the new infrastructure. This was due to the old system having a single distribution path meaning temporary connections needed to be deployed to ensure no downtime.

The new data centre rack layout was optimised to provide additional racks and growth for the retailer while cold aisle containment was designed to allow high density deployments.
In order to fit the retailer’s budget, a scalable approach was taken to the cooling infrastructure to reduce day 1 CAPEX.


The Sudlows DMCC team optimised the layouts for the electrical room and data hall. This made the maintenance easier and provided a greater number of racks which allowed the retailer to make their old data centre redundant after migration to the new facility.
Various scenarios were considered before the decision was made to move the existing IT load and UPS systems on to the new electrical infrastructure, giving the retailer peace of mind during the risky activity. This risk was reduced where possible with the time that the IT was on ‘N’ kept to a minimum while the facility ran on a generator.


“This complex project required us to be flexible in considering the best approach to take when moving from an outdated infrastructure to a new facility without any downtime.

“We successfully achieved these requirements and provided a modern infrastructure suited to the client’s location and budget”
-John Rippingale, Associate Director at Sudlows DMCC




Concurrently maintainable 50 rack facility


Total 400kW IT load